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Posted By admin on 10/04/12 - Bookmark Niki Castro


She might not be Niki Castro, but that doesn’t mean I am going to be kicking her out of bed anytime soon!

From time to time I take a break from Niki and talking about something that is near and dear to my heart. Fucking girls with big boobs. My favorite place to do this is at They have tons (literally) of hot babes with huge knockers looking for a stud to fuck with. I have gotten laid no less than a dozen times using this service. Though one girl was only a barely full C-cup the other eleven were straight out of big juggs heaven!

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Posted By admin on 09/14/12 - Bookmark Niki Castro


For the fans of threesome porn sex videos like this one should be exactly what they’d want to see. These two naughty babes got horny and the first guy they spotted had to become their toy. They took him at their place and started sucking and fucking him like nobody else ever did most likely.

View this video now by clicking the play button above. We strive to believe that you’ll appreciate the exclusive explicit hardcore sex scenes so much that you’ll want to visit us soon for more. Be sure we’ll be around and ready to offer you the best vids to satisfy your lust.

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Posted By admin on 08/22/12 - Bookmark Niki Castro


It is no secret that floppy cock-knockers are a world of fun. Perhaps that is why when enjoy sharing them with each other? You can get lesbian movies of these two from along with thousands more titles that just might fit your fancy.

Stretch your neck both above and below the belt by viewing the hottest and classiest porn ever created.

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Posted By admin on 07/24/12 - Bookmark Niki Castro

While Niki Castro isn’t an actual soccer mom it is nice to dream. Watching her huge boobs bounce around while kicking a ball around is both enter-taining because it is a site to see and before it is kind of humorous too. But don’t you worry, Niki, we are definitely laughing with you!

As you would expect there are quite a few nipple slips in this video as I don’t think they make a bra that could contain Niki Castro‘s huge boobs!

With a Tits & Ass Pass you get unlimited access to Niki and her friends like Yurizan Beltran and more!

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Posted By admin on 03/03/12 - Bookmark Niki Castro

Ever fucked a 36HH set of titties? Yeah… Me neither…

So grab a password to Niki Castro and start cyber fucking her enormous tits right now! With one password you can watch Niki and all of her well-endowed friends work their magic on guys in point of view style videos. Grab two huge marshmallows and you can even play along!

Most of the girls in the Tits & Ass Pass network do web can shows including Niki! You can tell them what you want them to do and they are pretty darn open minded so don’t think you are being too gross with your requests!

Seriously… What girl with 36HH cup tits hasn’t hard it all?

But hey, if you think you have something new to share, Niki Castro is all ears… I mean… boobs… So lay it on her and I am sure she can work it out! Pun intended!

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Posted By admin on 03/03/12 - Bookmark Niki Castro

I think the word for guys like us is dastardly. How cruel is it that we derive sexual gratification from watching a 36HH cup woman jogging in the morning for exercise? I have the answer to that one. Just cruel enough to make you feel bad about doing, but not bad enough to make you stop!

In this Niki Castro video from you get to watch this blonde hottie as she prances around with her large boobies flopping. She is a good sport about all of the attention her boobs garner her… so much so she opened a web site so you can look at them 24/7 if you so desire!

Chances are you don’t have some naturally busty babe in your neighbor-hood and if you do, she most certainly doesn’t jog!

So grab a Tits & Ass Pass and enjoy Niki Castro and all of her naturally busty friends as they titillate you with their cock-knockers! Don’t even worry about getting too dirty with these girls. They like it raw!

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Posted By admin on 02/26/12 - Bookmark Niki Castro


Need any help washing that special spot Niki? I think I can speak for just about every guy here and say that we’d all love to help Niki Castro clean those hard to reach places!

Niki just opened her site and she is excited to share her lovely 36HH rack with you. Along with that smoking rack this girl has one sweet little slit of a pussy. God did a solid when he stacked this girl up!

You can watch Niki Castro live in her web cam shows and believe me, this girl gets dirty! With a Tits & Ass Pass you get unlimited access to the members areas of all of Niki’s friends too. Just imagine having a literal ton of boobies at your disposal!

What will the neighbors think?

Fuck the neighbors!

Posted By admin on 02/21/12 - Bookmark Niki Castro

Have you been a bad boy? Do you need discipline?

Niki Castro is a bitch cop with a huge set of natural juggs to keep you in line… with her mouth!

In this video from you get to watch Niki as she uses her Billy club in ways Billy never intended… Or did he? Anyway… She shows you what it’d be like to run your ruler through her fabulous juggs and if you watch the full length one in the members area, she shows you what it’d be like to insert your full length of cock up inside her tight snatch!

Niki Castro is the new addition to the Tits & Ass Pass. The only pass you need if you have a passion for women with naturally large boobs. Niki’s are a size 36HH. I know you aren’t supposed to stare, but in this case, I think Niki will make an exception for you!

Posted By admin on 12/28/11 - Bookmark Niki Castro

I’ve heard of chicks having phone sex with guys before. One calls the other. Hands wander. Questions are traded about where each others hands are. Sooner or later they start talking dirty. Phone sex!

But this is a bit different. In this Niki Castro video Niki literally has sex with the phone!

Never heard of Niki Castro? Hey, don’t beat yourself up about it. You wouldn’t have because she just opened her site this week. Niki is daring enough to share her luscious 36HH natural boobs with us so pay attention!

Being a part of the digital generation is shot in HD from the pics to the videos. Just imagine her ginormous tits filling your entire HDTV screen in the living room!

There will be plenty more of Niki to come so stay tuned!

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